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Roach on Beautiful Heart Rose Soap

Beautiful heart soap that has roses and a bow on it...but that's not all. It also has a roach crawling on it! EEK! Prank your family and friends with this great gag gift. You will scare them and get them good! This soap is way too beautiful to have an unexpected roach on it! Available in a variety of colors. If you would like a color not listed, please let us know and we'll accommodate. Please note these colors are pastel. This soap is scented with Wild Rose and Vanilla fragrance.

We also have another roach prank soap available - it is a basic rectangle or oval soap. Both are fantastic for Halloween!

Use #1: Scare the pants off your friends, family, etc.
Use # 2: Lather onto wet skin, rinse with warm water. Do not allow this soap to sit in water between uses - soap must sit in a dry spot to significantly increase the lifespan.