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Huge Gummy Bear Soap

We offer several sizes of gummy bear soap, and this is our largest! At a whopping 6.5" x 3," we doubt you'll find many that are larger. We are offering these gummy bears in several translucent colors - blue, red, green, yellow - but we are able to create these in any color (or color combination) you can dream up! These make wonderful gifts and kids absolutely love them. We have chosen complementary fragrances to accompany the colors we are offering, but we can always change the scent, too. This soap is as gentle as the bears and will get kids excited about bathing. No matter what color you choose, the large gummy bear soaps will last a long time. That just gives them longer to spread their happiness!

Custom Orders: If you would like a particular color (or mix of colors) and/or a specific scent, please send us a message. We specialize in creating custom orders and would love to help you bring your ideas to life!

If you would like to order these in bulk (they make great party favors!), please send us a message for a price discount.

Translucent Soap
Blue - Dragonfruit & Pear (Exotic dragonfruit and casaba melon blend with notes of crisp pear and apple blossom.)
Green - Lime (Essential oil. The crisp citrus zing of a freshly sliced lime.)
Red - Kiwi Strawberry (A mélange of fruit slices! Ripe, juicy strawberries and fuzzy kiwis are blended to perfection. A super-sweet island treat!)
Yellow - Banana (The fun, tropical enjoyment of banana.)

Opaque Soap
Pink & blue swirled bear - Watermelon Sugar (Refresh and reinvigorate with one of summer’s simplest, purest joys in bright, juicy watermelon, fresh-picked strawberry, and the sultry sweetness of pink sugar and vanilla.)