Quality should never be a compromise. Whether it's the custom blends we make to tame your skin issues, to the deepest cleansers, soaps, lotions, or skincare products we provide, we've got it all! With only natural ingredients that are beneficial for your body, we strive to create products that you will love.


We make a variety of essential products for every skin type and tone. From day to night and special occasions, from the skin to hair and nails, we have your look covered! We make skincare products with naturally occurring, organic ingredients that are healthy for you and the planet. We take pride in creating exceptional beauty products you will be thrilled to use on your skin.


What's with our name you ask? Don't we know how to spell S-E-R-G-E-A-N-T? Why, yes, we do! But our name honors our great dog Sarge who we lost in December, 2019. It was far too soon. Since his name was spelled "Sargent" we decided to honor him by spelling Sargent Bubbles with the "a" instead of the "e" and without the "a" in sergeant. (Is this confusing enough for you?!) It's all due to a vet tech who couldn't spell Sergeant correctly so that's the way it stayed. We hope you don't mind and even find a little humor in it. Sargent would have liked that.



I'm a mixed media artist with a passion for designing handmade scrubs, soaps, and bath salts. During COVID-19, I discovered a love for soap making while crafting as a hobby with my family to cope during the pandemic. Since then, I've become dedicated to creating beauty products and helping customers manage their skin care needs.



Little is the resident studio dog. She can be found napping under everyone's feet while wild activity swirls overhead. Little is a six pound teacup Chihuahua and is sure to keep everyone in line! She loves our pet shampoos.