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40 XL Mickey Mouse One-Use Soaps

Available in custom colors and fragrances if you choose. We scented these with Strawberry Yuzu, a scent that appeals to kids and adults. These are much bigger than our original One-Use Mickey Mouse Head Soaps, so we are offering 40 soaps in this listing. Although we call these one-use soaps, each one will last through several washes. We send out red, black, and white if no custom color(s) are requested. A couple of the photos show the size differences between the Mickey Mouse Head Soaps we offer.

Be sure to check out our other listings - we continue to offer our famous One-Use Mickey Mouse Head Soaps, and now we have a new set! The new set offers three sizes of Mickey Mouse Heads. The set is smaller than these XL soaps; our original soaps are the smallest we offer and come in a cute apothecary jar.