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Baby Cakes Handmade Soap Cupcakes

Oh baby! Baby! These darling cupcakes are perfect for a baby shower or gender reveal. Whether you prefer pink on the bottom and blue on the top, or the other way 'round, Sargent Bubbles has you covered! We can also make these all one color, if you choose. Basically, whatever you want we'll make happen! These make fantastic favors. And wait - it gets even better. Order these in bulk and the price goes down! Handmade soap with that much flexibility...wha?? We promise. It's the way of Sargent Bubbles. So make baby happy and order these today!

A = Cupcake on right in photo. Frosted cupcake. Blue on bottom, pink on top. (Frosted.)
B = Cupcake on left in photo. Stacked cupcake. Pink on bottom, blue on top. (Stacked.)

This is made with gentle soap that works for all skin types. Even sensitive skin will enjoy this soap.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to send us a message. We will reply as soon as we can!