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Cocoa Rose Heart Shaped Lotion Bar

SKU: Coc/Bar/202

These Cocoa Rose Heart Shaped Lotion Bars are a solid lotion that actually works for those who don't like liquid lotions. The moisturizing properties will last for hours thanks to the skin-loving ingredients.

A soothing lotion that can be used anywhere you have dry skin. The bar is easy to use. Just rub it onto dry skin and gently massage it in.

When not in use, the bar can be stored in the handy container. Please be sure not to leave your heart lotion bar in a hot car or in the sun because it will melt. If you forget and it does melt, no worries! Just place the tin in the refrigerator or leave it at room temperature and the lotion will form to the tin.

Directions: Apply to skin as desired.