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Exfoliating Sponge - Loofah Sponge for Bath & Shower with Two Textures

These amazing sponges are super lather producers! Each side has a different texture, choose the smooth side for a gentle cleanse, or the textured side for deep exfoliation - to really remove the gunk from pores. (Sponges are not rough or hard, in fact, they are very soft.) We searched the globe looking for sponges that are high quality, ultra-soft, and produce an abundance of lather with minimal soap. We found what we were looking for with these. These sponges work incredibly well with many of our products - soaps, body washes, etc. These have the Sargent Bubbles seal of approval!

These rockin' sponges ship free with another product from Sargent Bubbles!

Please note: When you receive the sponge it will be somewhat flat. Please soak the sponge in clean water for a few minutes for it to grow.

Made from a pure Polyurethane foam material that will last a long time, even with consistent use. More eco-friendly compared to PE and PVC sponges. No crumbling or tearing.