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Garden Luffa Soap

SKU: Gar/Luf/202

These Garden Luffa Soaps are filled with skin-loving ingredients!

In this luffa-infused soap is an all-natural weapon encased in all-natural ingredients. As beautiful as it is, it's also good for you. Unlike anything else, the luffa exfoliates. Luffas are naturally rough and "scrubby." When they reach maturity, they are dense and thick! In addition to removing old, dead skin, this soap contains antioxidants, which cleanse the skin and ensure it has a radiant sheen. You'll feel the difference in your skin's softness!

Vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, and B6 are present in spinach powder, as well as chlorophyll and antioxidants. In soap and cosmetic formulations, it is considered a marvelous additive and a true green color. There is clear green and an opaque green soap - the only difference in these soaps is the base. One is a clear base, and one is a white base.

The active ingredient in tomato powder is lycopene, which is thought to improve the skin's texture, increasing its popularity as an ingredient in handmade cosmetics. It produces a natural orange/red color.