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Loofah Gloves

SKU: Loo/Glv/202

These Loofah Gloves are easy to put on, even when you're in the shower and your hands are wet. Just apply your soap or scrub once you have the gloves on and gently rub your skin. Skin will be left glowing and soft. Gloves are reusable, just rinse well and set aside (or hang) to dry. They even have a small loop for hanging! Made of nylon. Assorted colors - choose the one that brightens your spirit.

Directions: Apply cleanser or scrub to gloved hands, then rub hands together to distribute product onto each glove. Gently rub gloved hands in circles everywhere on the body to exfoliate dry, dead skin. Rinse to reveal soft, radiating skin. Remove gloves and rinse well. Hang to dry.