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Potty Mouth Cure Soap - ADULT SOAP

This is the ultimate soap for someone who talks like a sailor - give it to them so they can wash their mouth out! My mom used to threaten to wash my mouth out with soap often, for phrases seen as no big deal these days. But we all know someone who drops F bombs all the time or can't keep the curse words out of their mouth. This is your chance to tell them to clean it up!

This soap is custom made for you when you order it. Due to the nature of the soap, it is not perfect. The additional cost of this soap is due to the large amount of custom work that goes into this masterpiece. It is a cute soap intended to be funny - or to be a weapon for mom and dad. Please enjoy it in the spirit it is intended.

Scented with White Lily & Aloe fragrance. If you prefer a different fragrance (or different colors), please shoot us a message. Your soap may arrive with all capital letters, depending on supplies available at the time of order.