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S'mores Soap - Handmade Marshmallow, Graham Crackers, and Chocolate Bar

These s'mores are so realistic! Choose from s'mores that look cooked with a melted marshmallow and chocolate that is melted around the edges or uncooked with a large heart marshmallow and half a chocolate bar. The chocolate bar is made up of six small rectangles that have HERSHEY noted on each. We usually leave these unattached, so you receive four soaps in one, but we can fuse the layers if you prefer to make one large soap. These are great to wash up on camping trips, backyard barbecues, party favors, etc.

PLEASE LEAVE US A NOTE stating whether you would prefer to have each component scented (marshmallow smells like marshmallow, graham cracker smells like honey, chocolate bar smells like chocolate) or if you want the soaps to smell like s'mores. If no note is left, we reserve the right to choose.