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Turmeric and Ginger Scrub

SKU: Tur/Scr/202

The eye-catching Turmeric and Ginger Scrub body scrub is made with turmeric and ginger essential oils. Turmeric has many health benefits, both in the food you eat and in body care products. On the exfoliant scale, we would rate this as a medium exfoliant. Sugar is the exfoliating agent, so it's not a coarse scrub, but while it's great for the body, it's a bit rough on the face.

To ensure the scrub is washed away cleanly and does not leave a film on the skin, we add natural Castile liquid soap. Using natural Castile soap will also keep the turmeric from staining your skin.

Are you looking for another way to incorporate turmeric into your skin-care routine? Our Turmeric Clay Face Mask contains carrot seed.

Size: 8oz