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Under the Sea Hand Soap for Kids

Under the Sea liquid hand soap for kids is da bomb! Kids will love washing and watching the goldfish toys seemingly swim in the soap. The toys can be removed from the bottle when the soap is gone so they can be played with - they make great bath toys! (My grandkids love playing with the fish...and I rinse out the pump bottle and they LOVE playing with that in the tub as well!) The soap has a little sparkle thanks to some silver rainbow eco-glitter and a fruit punch fragrance. This is a gentle soap that won't dry skin. 8 oz means it will last for quite a while!

Eco-glitter is safe for pipes and the environment. It won't harm the pipes in your home or sea life.

NOTE: We can also make these in smaller bottles (4 oz) that make fantastic party favors!

To Use: Pump one or two squirts into hands. Rub hands together and rinse under running warm water.