What Are The Differences Between Butters, Creams, And Lotions?

What Are The Differences Between Butters, Creams, And Lotions?

The market is flooded with great skin care products and spa products, and many shoppers spend years trying them out. However, not many people recognize the differences between body butter, skin lotion, and skin cream. Our customers often ask: what is the difference between Body Butter, Lotion and Cream?

Body Butter

Among the three, body butter has the thickest consistency, similar to the butter we eat. Its scent is stronger and lasts longer than that of both lotion and creme. Products containing body butters are typically made using carrier oils and essential butters, and they do not usually contain water. Carriers oils are used to deliver essential ingredients to the skin. Each butter is unique in its texture, stiffness, and absorption because it is made from natural fats and minerals (palm, shea, cocoa, mango, etc.).

The purpose of body butters is to moisturize, lubricate, and nourish the skin. Body butter may be used on lips, hands, elbows, legs, and feet, according to some spas and dermatologists. Depending on the skin type and formulation, some absorb quickly into the skin while others leave a slight oily film.

Skin Cream

A cream's consistency is thinner than that of a body butter, and it is normally whipped. Creams typically contain the same basic ingredients as butters, plus water and sometimes an herbal infusion or aloe. The manufacturers sometimes use beeswax as well as mild thickeners like xanthan gum or emulsifiers like borax to add thickness to their products.

Body Lotion

Unlike creams, lotions are lighter (because they contain more water) and apply thinly. Most lotions are made using a water-based formula, making them very light. The moisturizer may not last as long or moisturize as much as a cream or butter. Usually lotions are applied to the arms, stomach and thighs.

Which Should You Choose?

This really depends on your skin issues. Creams and lotions may be more effective if your skin is particularly dehydrated because they contain more water. Lotions are your best bet if your skin is oily, while creams are your best bet if your skin is dry.

Since body butters are thicker, they may stay on top of the skin longer, which can help reduce moisture loss, but they will not directly moisturize the skin. To use body butter in this situation, dampen your skin first.

All formulations contain unique scents as well as additional vitamins and minerals that have benefits for any additional concerns you may have. When you have chosen your butter, cream, or lotion, search our store to find the right solution for your skin care!

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