Why Own a Soap Company?

Why Own a Soap Company?

I am frequently asked what it's like to own a soap company. Apparently, it isn't a common profession. The interest always surprises me because doing something like this seems natural.

I have always been creative. I was a mixed media artist for about twenty-five years after an early career as a paramedic. Unfortunately, a back injury ended my stint as a paramedic. I followed my heart and became an artist, a career I thoroughly enjoyed. I still get into my art supplies every chance I get. There is just something about getting paint and ink all over your hands that is so satisfying. Although I miss doing it all the time, I found a new passion - beauty products.

Creating soaps, lotions, scrubs, bath bombs, and lip balm seems so natural to me. Coming up with recipes, directing the creative process, and deciding on colors and fragrances are just so fun. I love doing it, and it's important to me that I do it well. As much as I love really digging into my art supplies, I am a perfectionist at heart. I pour myself into my creations 110%. Carefully weighing and meticulously measuring is my life. It's all about creating an end product that will make my customer feel like it was created especially for them - because it is. I try to hit on all the aspects I want in a product and then make them even better.

Creating soap is very similar to cooking. Adding ingredients, mixing at the right time, using common kitchen tools...it's all so similar. It is ironic because I dislike cooking. A lot. In fact, I don't cook. Never have. The idea makes my skin crawl. I envy those who can spend the time and attention creating some delectable dish. I really wish I could. I have just never been able to do it. The thought of spending all that time and energy making something and then having it consumed in a matter of minutes is disheartening to me. I don't know why, but I've always felt that way. I didn't cook the entire time my children were growing up and I don't cook for my grandchildren now. (Ramen noodles, spaghetti noodles, and frozen dinners/pizza don't count.) I'm not sure why I despise cooking but adore making soap - the activities are so similar.

The only thing rivaling my dislike of cooking is my desire to make a good product. That's incredibly important to me. I want to create things that make the user feel soft and cared for. I want my products to make the customer feel special. You know what I mean. Pampered. Like our products have nourished the soul. I will stop at nothing to create products that touch the depths of your heart and seep into your soul. Knowing I have done that makes my heart happy and allows me to sleep peacefully at night.

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